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Aquarium aesthetics and feng shui

Creating a serene and harmonious environment in your home or office can significantly impact your well-being and productivity. Incorporating an aquarium not only brings the beauty of aquatic life into your space but, when aligned with Feng Shui principles, can also promote positive energy flow and prosperity. This article explores how to blend aquarium aesthetics with Feng Shui to create a balanced and vibrant environment.

Aquarium aesthetics and feng shui

The Essence of Feng Shui in Aquarium Placement

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, emphasizes the flow of chi (energy) in your living space. Positioning an aquarium thoughtfully within your environment can act as a catalyst for enhancing energy flow, attracting wealth, and bringing calmness. The ideal locations for an aquarium according to Feng Shui are the North, East, or Southeast sectors of your space. The North enhances career prospects, the East supports health and family relationships, and the Southeast is associated with wealth and abundance.

Aquarium Design and Aesthetics

The design of your aquarium plays a crucial role in its Feng Shui impact. Opt for a balance of the five elements: wood (plants), fire (lighting), earth (rocks), metal (accessories), and water (the aquarium itself). A well-designed aquarium should evoke a sense of peace and harmony, with vibrant fish adding vitality and movement, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity.

Choosing the Right Fish and Plants

In Feng Shui, the type and color of fish you choose are significant. Goldfish or koi are popular choices due to their auspicious colors and associations with wealth and luck. Incorporating a combination of nine fish (eight active ones and one black fish to absorb negativity) is traditionally believed to optimize the positive energy. Similarly, lush, healthy aquatic plants can contribute to the balance, purifying the water and enhancing the natural beauty of your aquarium.

Maintaining Your Aquarium for Positive Energy

Maintenance is key in Feng Shui. A clean, well-cared-for aquarium ensures the flow of positive energy. Regular cleaning, balanced feeding schedules, and monitoring the health of the fish and plants are essential practices. A neglected aquarium can attract and emit negative energy, counteracting the Feng Shui benefits.


Integrating an aquarium into your space with Feng Shui principles offers more than aesthetic appeal; it can enhance the flow of positive energy, attract prosperity, and create a calming oasis in your environment. By thoughtfully considering the placement, design, inhabitants, and upkeep of your aquarium, you can harness the harmonious blend of nature and energy for a more balanced and prosperous life.

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