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Are coral banded shrimp poisonous?

Coral banded shrimp, known for their striking appearance in the aquatic world, often pique the interest of aquarium enthusiasts and marine biologists alike. With their vivid coloration and unique banding, these shrimp are a popular choice for saltwater aquariums. However, potential owners and observers frequently ask whether these beautiful creatures are also a danger to their tank mates or humans. This article delves into the nature of coral banded shrimp and their safety.

Are coral banded shrimp poisonous?

Are Coral Banded Shrimp Poisonous?

Coral banded shrimp (Stenopus hispidus) are not poisonous to humans. These shrimp are part of the decapod family, which includes lobsters, crabs, and other shrimp species that are generally considered safe. There is no toxin in their system that affects humans, making them a safe choice for marine aquariums.

Safety in Handling Coral Banded Shrimp

While coral banded shrimp are not toxic, handling them requires care. They possess sharp claws which they can use defensively if threatened. It's advisable to manage them with caution during tank maintenance or when transferring them to avoid any nips or cuts. These are not venomous but can be painful.

Coral Banded Shrimp in Aquariums

In aquarium settings, coral banded shrimp can coexist peacefully with most tank mates. However, they are known to be territorial towards other shrimp, especially smaller species. They are best housed with larger fish and similar-sized shrimp to prevent aggressive interactions.


In summary, coral banded shrimp pose no toxic threat to humans and are a spectacular addition to many saltwater aquariums. Their care involves standard precautions due to their defensive nature but managing them appropriately will ensure a safe and vibrant tank environment.

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