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Are flame angelfish aggressive, hardy or not?

Flame Angelfish, with their vivid orange-red coloration accented with vertical black stripes and a blue-tipped dorsal fin, are a striking addition to any marine aquarium. However, prospective owners often wonder about their temperament and resilience. This article explores the behavior and hardiness of Flame Angelfish, offering insights into their care.

Are flame angelfish aggressive hardy or not?

Are Flame Angelfish Aggressive?

Flame Angelfish (Centropyge loricula) are generally considered semi-aggressive. They tend to show territorial behavior, especially in smaller aquariums. When housed in a tank with ample space (at least 55 gallons), these behaviors can be minimized. It's crucial to monitor their interactions with other tank mates, as they may bully smaller, more passive fish. Introducing them into a well-established, community tank with other semi-aggressive fish can help mitigate some of their territorial instincts.

How Hardy are Flame Angelfish?

Regarding hardiness, Flame Angelfish are moderately hardy. They thrive in a well-maintained tank with stable water conditions. Key parameters to watch include temperature, which should be kept between 74°F and 82°F, and salinity, which should be maintained at 1.020 to 1.025 specific gravity. They require a varied diet consisting of marine algae, spirulina, and high-quality angelfish preparations containing sponges.

Special Considerations for Flame Angelfish Care

To ensure the health and happiness of Flame Angelfish, consider the following:

  • Tank Environment: Create a reef-like environment with plenty of hiding spots and live rock for grazing. Flame Angelfish are known to pick at soft and stony corals, so select tank mates and coral species carefully.

  • Diet: Their diet should include a variety of foods to ensure they receive all necessary nutrients. Regular feeding of specially formulated angelfish diets can prevent them from nipping at corals and clams.

  • Compatibility: When introducing a Flame Angelfish to a new tank, it's advisable to do so cautiously, especially if there are existing inhabitants. Watch for signs of aggression and adjust as needed.


While Flame Angelfish can be a bit territorial, with the right tank setup and careful selection of tank mates, they can be a vibrant and enjoyable addition to many marine aquariums. Their moderate hardiness makes them a suitable choice for aquarists who can commit to maintaining stable water conditions and a suitable environment.

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