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What is a refugium for saltwater tanks?

A refugium is an essential component for maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem in saltwater aquariums. This dedicated section of your aquarium setup plays a crucial role in natural filtration and provides a sanctuary for microorganisms and small marine species. Understanding the benefits and functionalities of a refugium can greatly enhance the biological stability of your marine tank.

What is a refugium for saltwater tanks?

What is a Refugium?

A refugium is a separate compartment connected to a main saltwater aquarium that acts as a mini-ecosystem. Typically, it is a sump tank that sits below or beside the main tank, though it can also be a section partitioned within the main aquarium. The primary purpose of a refugium is to provide a safe zone where beneficial bacteria, microalgae, and small invertebrates can grow without the threat of predation from larger tank inhabitants.

Benefits of Using a Refugium

Natural Filtration

One of the key advantages of incorporating a refugium into your aquarium setup is its role in natural filtration. The refugium supports a variety of algae, particularly macroalgae like Chaetomorpha and Caulerpa, which absorb nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates. This process helps in reducing unwanted nutrients in the main tank, thereby promoting clearer and healthier water conditions.

Biodiversity Enhancement

Refugiums are excellent for enhancing biodiversity in your saltwater aquarium. They provide a habitat for copepods, amphipods, and other microfauna, which serve as vital food sources for fish and coral in the main tank. This continuous supply of natural live food helps in maintaining the health and vitality of your marine species.

Habitat for Sensitive Species

Some hobbyists use refugiums to nurture sensitive species that might not thrive in the main tank due to competition or predation. This includes certain types of macroalgae, small invertebrates, and juvenile fish. The refugium serves as a protected nursery that can significantly contribute to the overall diversity of your marine ecosystem.

Setting Up Your Refugium

Setting up a refugium starts with choosing the right location, which can be inside your existing sump or as an additional tank connected to your aquarium. Fill it with live sand or mud, macroalgae, and, if possible, live rock to provide surfaces for beneficial bacteria. Proper lighting is critical, especially if you are growing photosynthetic organisms like macroalgae. LED grow lights are often recommended due to their efficiency and effectiveness in supporting plant growth.


Incorporating a refugium into your saltwater aquarium setup not only enhances the natural beauty of your marine environment but also significantly boosts its ecological stability. By acting as a natural filter and a safe haven for various microorganisms and invertebrates, a refugium plays a critical role in maintaining the health and clarity of your aquarium. Whether you are a novice or an experienced aquarist, considering a refugium could be a beneficial addition to your marine aquarium system.

This concise guide underscores the pivotal role refugiums play in saltwater aquariums, highlighting their benefits in natural filtration and biodiversity support, thereby ensuring your marine environment thrives beautifully and sustainably.

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